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We hope your visit to this site reflects your desire to positively affect the future of young people. If you are a young person looking for guidance in making healthy decisions for your life, click here.

Adolescence is often a very difficult and trying stage of life. However, adults who are positively involved can make a critical difference.

On a daily basis, young people are exposed to more violence, sexual activity, alcohol use and life-destroying behaviors than in previous generations. This desensitization has resulted in destructive activities appearing to be common-place and "no big deal." So, now more than ever, caring adults need to step up and make a difference. Our desire is that this website and related materials will motivate and educate you to become one of those adults.

Unhealthy behaviors are interconnected: kids who drink alcohol and take drugs participate in more sexual activity and are involved in more violent behaviors than their peers. Starting to have sex at a young age is also directly linked to increasing rates of depression.

Our children are the future. Ensuring their emotional and physical well-being is crucial. Through education and healthy, supportive environments we can empower this generation of young people to not only survive, but to thrive with life skills amidst this potentially destructive social climate.

Thank you for working with us to improve the lives and futures of youth. They need each one of us.

In Health,
The AWAIT & FIND Staff

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